By andy

I am passionate about the need for good communication across organisations and for making the most out of opportunities to shout  about successes. In my experience many organisations fail to capitalise on the opportunities that are available to them to raise their profile in the media.

Often this can be due to time, with people’s day jobs and winning new work taking priority. However, a little time and effort invested in communications can pay massive dividends and helping organisations realise their potential in this area is something about which I never cease to get enthusiastic.

As well as being my profession, communications is also a passion. The growing importance of social media, including blogs, and the increase in local, community-focused media offers significant opportunities for organisations with a good story to tell. With recent experience in the environmental, wellbeing and health sectors, I also have a personal and professional interest in and a keen understanding of the importance of developing effective strategies to improve the world we live in.

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