By andy

I am used to dealing with the media on a daily basis and have developed strong links with key journalists in the local, regional and national media. Over my career, I have gained an understanding of the differing requirements of national and local journalists and have worked with national press and TV when promoting key issues nationally.

News stories can arise quickly, sometimes at weekends and evenings, and I am used to dealing with new and apparently conflicting priorities and resolving these. As a skilled media trainer, I can help organisations prepare their people to appear on television, radio or to talk to the press in a way that will get their message across in an accessible and jargon-free way.

As the media landscape expands with the inclusion of social and hyper-local media, the importance of keeping up to date with the latest developments grows ever greater. I pride myself on keeping abreast of new methods of communication and look to apply these appropriately when working with clients.

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