Social Media

By andy

Hardly a day goes by without there being some mention of social media on the television, in the papers and increasingly on the radio. Its role as a disseminator of information is reasonably well known but many organisations simply don’t know where to start when it comes to using social media to help develop their business or to communicate with their communities.

I have developed social media strategies for organisations and helped to cut through the confusing array of jargon and mystique that can surround new media. By offering practical and down-to-earth advice and assistance, I help organisations work out how to use and embrace social media as a key communications and engagement tool to get their message across to the people and organisations they want to influence.

When using social media it is crucial to see it as part of your organisation’s overall communications strategy and not a separate entity to be ‘farmed off’ to the fringes. I can help organisations and businesses make the most of this developing media sector and give them the confidence to get involved in such a way that it increases exposure and enhances reputation.

As an enthusiast for social media, I love to talk to organisations about it too! Follow me on Twitter at @WalkersRambles or email me at I also take phone calls on 07791 997602.

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